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Tips of use for an automatic mechanical watch

  1. This watch is a fully automatic mechanical watch without a battery. It mainly relies on the swing of the pendulum to automatically generate kinetic energy to keep the watch running.
  2. The first time you wear it, you need to manually wind up the clockwork for 30-40 turns, and then keep it normally worn for more than 8-10 hours a day (the normal time of wearing it every day), the kinetic energy generated can ensure that the watch runs normally every day. When you usually have little wrist activity or insufficient wearing time, it can only maintain the normal function when wearing it. After taking it off, it will slow down or stop walking after a while. At this time, wind the winder manually, adjust the time, and wear it normally. To ensure that the watch has enough kinetic energy, it’s recommended to manually make up the clockwork every few days.
  3. Don’t adjust the date and day of the watch during the period from 9 pm to 5 am of the watch time, because the watch started to automatically switch the date and day from 9 pm, if the date and day are forced to be adjusted, it will easily cause damage to the watch.
  4. The watch is 24 hours system. If the date changes at noon, it means that the watch is now 0:00 in the morning, and you only need to turn it 12 hours ahead to make it show the correct time.
  5. The automatic watch needs to be worn correctly to keep running normally. If you have any questions, you can contact the online customer service.

Manual winding steps

  1. Don’t pull the knob in the middle of the right side;
  2. Turn clockwise for 30-40 turns.

Note: when you do it correctly, there will be resistance when turning, and you will hear the sound of gear turning.

OLEVS Watch: Tips of use for an automatic mechanical watch

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